Milford, Connecticut has an Earth Day celebration on May 11, 2013


There’s a special earth day celebration at Eisenhower park in beautiful Milford, Connecticut, visit the site here


  The event is all day long  from 8am-4pm.  It’s a great opportunity to introduce green initiatives to children.  This is the only earth we have and we need to respect it and keep it clean. What better way to learn the virtues of pledging green than helping clean up different sites all around Milford, Connecticut.  Is your town doing a special celebration for Mother Earth? Do you have any simple hints to add?



1. reuse and recycle

2. compost food trash

3. boycott large agra businesses who promote gmo’s

4. grow your own fruits and veggies or support your local organic farm

5. teach young people by example

6. don’t use pesticides or toxic cleaners in or around your home apple cider vinegar, white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, lemons and baking soda are nature’s cleaners



Directions to park,  Eisenhower Park in Milford, Connecticut is accessible from North Street, on the corner of Woodruff.


Sunflowers by: Edward McCain acquired from USDA ARS




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