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World needs to take measures to protect wild life from abuse and extinction



Graphic Art  by Sharon O'Eddy  and  Photos by Action for Nosey Now

The barbaric and senseless killing of Cecil the lion has brought to light the still archaic way we treat other sentient beings on this earth. 


What really strikes me is that despite the awesome strength and size of these animals, they are still one of the worst victims of humans use and abuse.


Why is it that in the course of our lifetime so many beautiful creatures may cease to exist due to trite human activities like trophy hunting and poaching.  In the 1980’s the elephant population was around 1 million, with 70,000 elephants being killed every year.  Now the total population of African elephants is 470,000.  It’s very possible that by 2020 there wont be anymore elephants at all if we don’t step up to protect the species right now.


Ive been following the story about two very sad “show” elephants, Nosey and Lucy this summer on facebook.  These poor creatures have been enslaved, and kept all alone without other elephant companionship, for many decades and their summer’s are spent being driven around from one country fair to another to give people rides.  Both elephants have been working tirelessly and their bodies are showing signs of stress and over use.  Their have been many complaints at the USDA concerning Nosey’s health (lucy is in Canada) and well being and requesting that she be allowed to be retired to a sanctuary with other elephants.  But these complaints seem to be falling on deaf ears. 



Last week, August 12 was national Elephant day.  The group that is actively involved in pushing for Nosey to be sent to the Tennessee sanctuary has created a book about Nosey’s plight and have presented to Obama hoping he will have the heart to take a strong decisive action to protect these poor enslaved creatures.  A very strong letter has been written and signed by about 30 congress people, and this will also be presented to the President in the coming weeks.   To take action, Write a letter to Obama and you should also write letters to your local representatives requesting that Nosey and other captive animals like her be treated with just a little more humanity than what the poor things have gotten used to.


Actions to take for Nosey;


Find your local representatives here;


Email this already written form letter to your local congress people;


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(Your Phone Number / email address)

August 12th 2015


Dear Senator / Congressman / Congresswoman [Last name]


As your constituent and a citizen concerned with animal welfare, I am writing to request that you take urgent action on behalf of an African elephant named Nosey who is a circus elephant owned by exhibitor, Hugo Liebel, (USDA License number 58-C-0288).

Nosey is suffering with arthritis and degenerative joint disease but is still being transported to locations all over the country where she is forced to perform cruel and unnatural tricks and give rides to the paying public.


As you are aware, The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is responsible for upholding and enforcing the Animal Welfare Act, to ensure that federally established standards of care and treatment be provided for animals like Nosey. Despite this, they have all but ignored Nosey's deteriorating health.


On November 7th 2014, an assessment of Nosey was carried out at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine and based on their assessment the USDA declared Nosey as healthy enough to continue to work. However, there were many problems that called into question the validity of Nosey's University of Florida vet exam, including the fact that the assessment and report were fundamentally flawed due to months' worth of video evidence and expert opinions documenting Nosey's condition, being withheld from the vet team carrying out the assessment. The most troubling issue is that despite the U of F vet report acknowledging symptoms consistent with degenerative arthritis, the vet team did not take Radiographs (x-rays) that would have offered conclusive information on Nosey's condition.


The University of Florida’s vet report of Nosey stated that:


“If Nosey’s asymmetries become more prominent or she shows any signs of obvious discomfort or reluctance to ambulate normally, further evaluation would be recommended and exhibition riding should be limited.”


There is video footage and photos of Nosey spanning the months since November last year that document symptoms consistent with degenerative arthritis and her symptoms do appear to be worsening.


I believe it is essential for Nosey to be thoroughly re-examined and given radiographs and I hope once you have looked at the detailed information, and reviewed the video footage and photos in this link that you will agree. The USDA has already failed Nosey numerous times, don’t allow them to fail Nosey again!


I urge you to please contact the Secretary of Agriculture and implore him to ensure the USDA abide by their own vet recommendations and make it a priority to thoroughly re-evaluate Nosey and ensure that the re-evaluation of Nosey includes:


·         A Radiographic study (X-rays to assist in conclusively diagnosing Nosey's arthritis/lameness)

·         A thorough re-examination of Nosey’s blood for haematology and chemistry in laboratories which routinely carry out for elephants with consideration to reference range, (paying particular attention to the values that were abnormally high or low in Nosey’s November 2014 vet exam)

·         A full Toxicology Screening (to determine if anti-inflammatory medications, pain-killers, and/or performance enhancing medications are present in Nosey's system)                

·         A complete health history of Nosey (The team carrying out the assessment must be given all the video footage, photographs, previous expert reports, assessments and opinions documenting Nosey's condition, It is essential that nothing is withheld!)

·         It’s crucial that Nosey be observed while carrying the accurate amount of weight that she typically carries, in order to ensure a clear and accurate representation of Nosey’s physical performance or deficits while being used as a USDA licensed, ride­-giving animal. (Assessing Nosey on her performance without a ‘typical & accurate’ load provides little information that pertains to her health and well-­being as a USDA licensed, ride­-giving animal ~ Nosey regularly carries loads much heavier than 200lbs, intermittently for hours on end - the video footage & photos on the links above prove this)

·         Finally it is essential that an independent elephant expert/elephant vet (not just Nosey’s regular vet but also an impartial elephant vet to ensure objectivity) is part of the vet team that re-assess Nosey in order to ensure the results, conclusions and recommendations are relevant in reference not only to lameness but also to Nosey as an African Elephant


Thank you for your consideration of this important matter. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss this issue further.





Donate to Wildlife Sanctuaries;


Facebook Groups to Like;




Elephants have been held as solitary indentured slaves in circuses and fairs for too many decades


Dunham Pond New Condos in New Fairfield Connecticut

New Construction Condominium Community in New Fairfield Connecticut


fairfield-county-fairfield-connecticut-new-construction-condos.jpgThere’s nothing like the smell of a new house greeting you as you step in the front door.  We don’t have a lot of options for new construction condo’s in Fairfield county, Connecticut but The Woods at Dunham Pond in New Fairfield is a gorgeous scenic option.


There are a total of 33 homes in the complex, and they are surrounded by woods.  The property lies next to a 26 acre wildlife sanctuary, Komlo Preserve


The common charge is only $200/monthly


All the homes include great features like central air, gas heat and attached garages.

The entire first floors come standard as hardwood, and granite is also included in every kitchen.  Property Taxes are projected to be $5200 for the year.


Energy star builder is Anthony Lucera, his first subdivision in Danbury was in 1974.


$3,000 to hold a unit, and you will have two weeks to review the sales contract and condo docs.   The builder will even paint your chosen colors on the walls.


If you are working with an agent, make sure the agent visits the model home with you.

Model home is open Wed-Sundays 12-5pm


Connecticut recognizes the dangers of fracking; No fracking or fracking waste in Connecticut for the next 3 years



Connecticut recognizes the dangers of fracking;  No fracking or fracking waste in Connecticut for the next 3 years September 2014

Do you know if your home is located near a fracking site?

I would check before purchasing a property.


In case you don’t know what fracking is, it’s the injecting of water, sand and toxic chemicals (chemicals which are not required to be revealed to the public-aka the Halliburton loophole).  They drill a vertical hole down to shale formations, usually past the water table, then drill horizontally a few miles.  This process extracts the natural gas from the shale.


We are very lucky in Connecticut that Governor Dan Malloy and the Connecticut General assembly recently passed a three year moratorium on storing, treating or disposing of fracking waste.  This is a major win for the public in Connecticut!  We do not have a lot of shale to do fracking, however other nearby states have asked our help in accepting waste from fracking.


Yale University has performed a study about the effects of living near a fracking site, their findings have been;


“People who live close to natural gas fracking wells were more likely to have skin and respiratory symptoms than those living farther away, according to a new Yale study…. people who lived less than 1 kilometer (0.6 mile) away from a well were more than four times as likely to have symptoms than the control group, composed of those who live more than 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) away.”


The process of fracking has been a new environmental obsolescence to consider when buying real estate.  As Broker I’d venture as far as not recommending any client to purchase a home near a fracking site, nor a fracking waste disposal site.


Is there fracking in your state?  Its certainly a major new issue for Realtors to understand and advise their clients in a purchase.


Have you had to sell a home that had health issues for homeowners being near fracking?  What experiences have you had with homes near fracking sites?


Educate yourself on fracking issues;    Natural Resource Defense Council


Sign No fracking petitions;


Congress: Close Fracking Loopholes


Save our parks from fracking


Stop fracking now


Pass California fracking moratorium


Connecticut recognizes the dangers of fracking;  No fracking or fracking waste in Connecticut for the next 3 years



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